About Us

We are renowned in Ottawa and surrounding areas for being quick, friendly and diligent teamGreenday Lawn prides ourselves on our professional lawn & landscaping services. 

Our familyowned-andoperated business was established in 2001, by partners who have been working in the industry for over 25 years. Since then, our team has completed a multitude of landscaping projects and amassed a growing list of satisfied clienteles. 


Be the leader in Ottawa’s Lawn and Landscaping Industry by delivering quality and reliable service to all Greenday Lawn clientele 


We aim to: 

  • Exceed the quality of service that clients have come to expect 
  • Prioritize customer satisfaction in every project and commitment 
  • Provide reliable and timely service to every customer 
    Our team is up for every job! 

    Contact us to learn more about our incredible staff and how they can help you! 

    Truck Fleet


    Typically, a contract commences early May until mid-October. We monitor the property weekly. 

    Mowing and trimming the lawn on the entire property. As well as blowing out the grass clipping from hard surfaces and garden area. 

    Greenday Lawn was established in 2001 by founders with over 25 years of experience in lawn care and landscaping. 

    E-transfer, Cheque, Cash, Visa or Mastercard 


    2.5 inches during regular season; and 3 inches during heat and dry season 

    In case of drizzling or light showers, we will continue our work with care. Our walk-behind mowers are light and will not cause damage to your lawn.  

    For thunderstorms or heavy rain, we will wait for safe conditions. Possibly reschedule to the following business day if rain conditions are persistent.  

    Drop us a message by email: info@greendaylawn.net or Facebook Messengers or even call us at 6132981818. We will be happy to assist.